Selected Writing

Elephant Magazine

Artissima’s Guide to the Apocalypse Nov 2018

Tales From the Animal Kingdom  June 2018

Lisa Brice’s Blue-Bodied Nudes May 2018

Rip it Up: Paper, Politics and Power March 2018

What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted? Feb 2018

Jules De Balincourt: Casting Colourful Shadows  Feb 2018


Studio International (Selected Articles)

Oceania October 2018

Ribera: Art of Violence September 2018

Interview with Nancy Fouts April 2018

Interview with Juno Calypso Nov 2017

Hokusai: Beyond the Great Wave June 2017

Marguerite Humeau: Echoes February 2017

Botticelli Treasures February 2016

Anselm Kiefer: Walhalla December 2016

Interview with Michael Benson May 2016

Celts: Art and Identity October 2015

Turner and the Sea December 2014


State f/22

Emerging Markets Issue 26

Interview with Liz Gilmore Issue 25


Apollo Magazine

Jenny Saville Rethinks the Rubenesque Jan 2015